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We'd love to hear from you!  Please tell us what you think about our products and we may post your review here for all to see!  Here's what people are saying about Pink Bow Bath Boutique's Products:


Noreen 2016-03-28
I'll keep this one brief. Amy is the best artisan provider of bath and body products on the Internet. Her products do what they are supposed to do and smell the way they are supposed to. Customer service and delivery are great. And the price point?? Even I can afford and enjoy these quality products. Just give us more, Amy.
From: Chicago
Katie 2016-03-28
I found this company about 3 months ago. I had tried about 5 other perfume/beauty product stores on Etsy which all lead to disappointment and a lot of wasted money. I finally checked out PBBB and placed my first order. Since then, I have placed about 5 orders and am always plotting my next one. You "will" become addicted to Amy's products. I buy the perfumes and self-tanner, they are dead-on to their descriptions, and have great staying power that lasts for hours. I have never had her perfume smell funny, like plasticky or play dough like, ever. They just smell exactly as described. The only hard part is trying to choose because everything smells so incredible! I have also tried the self tanner too. It is the best EVER!! You will not turn orange, it gives you a gorgeous golden tan. Also it "does not" stink! At all! I've ordered about 4 bottles of it now and will just die if she ever stops making it. The owner, Amy, is hands down one of the sweetest, most pleasant people to do business with. She treats her customers more like friends, instead of her money makers. She goes above and beyond to answer questions quickly and give advice. You can tell how much she truly cares about her customers and loves what she does. It shows in her products and customer service. I am officially a PBBB addict!
From: United States
Maya 2016-03-28
Buttercream crunch cake is my favorite scent so far. When I wear it everyone keeps sniffing. It lasts for hours.. I also order Cake batter and lemon marshmallow fluff. They both smell great. The red slices of watermelon is also a great scent for the summer. The Buttercream crunch cake scent is everything!
From: North Carolina
Jenna 2014-07-21
I tried asome products from this shop and love everything I got. All body sprays say "moisturizing" but they really just add scent. This moisturizing spray is kind of like a combo of dry oil and spray lotion. It's very light, absorbs quickly and actually moisturizes, along with leaving alot of scent on the skin. Also, most leave in conditioners leave my hair strngy I have long straight hair and I have to use a ton of it. This conditioner made my hair soft and easy to detangle. When it dried my hair looked normal/nice, not weighed down and greasy. And I only had to use about 2 quarter sized dollups. Honestly I have to use about 8 times that amount of other leave in conditioners in order to detangle. It also left my hair smelling nice all day. LOVE all the fun scent options. Recommend this shop and I'm sure that I will order from here again.
From: California
Noreen 2014-02-04
Oh! It's always a special day when I receive a package from PBBB, and the one that arrived yesterday was no exception. I ordered edps in each of three new scents: Rose Jam, Pomegranate Noir and Blue Agave & Cocoa. Though my main interest was in the PN and BAC both Jo Malone, Rose Jam, I think, has become a new favorite. It is sweet but not cloying and is an example of the mystery of scent bringing together two different aromas strawberry jam and roses to create something entirely new. I feel as if Amy sent me an early Valentine Day treat! Pomegranate Noir has a fruit note but the bottom is woody very mysterious. Blue Agave and Cocoa is one of the most unusual scents I have ever smelled: you definitely get the cocoa plus a sort of green, herby smell. I'm actually thinking of layering these two new JM scents to see what I get. If two of the other JM scents that Amy offers, nectarine blossom and honey, and orange blossom seem like sunshine, the two new JM scents are the moon. As always, I know that I will love using the freebie Amy included. Why not? It's in the Orange Blossom scent that I love! Thanks, Amy.
From: Chicago
Noreen 2014-02-04
It is always a joy to receive an order from PBBB. First, there is the pink tissue paper that covers every little treasure...the pink tulle bag that holds the three roll-on perfume oils...finally, the pink lace ribbons that decorate every little bottle. The window dressing alone makes me feel like a princess. Then there is the time spent "sniffing" every precious container! This order contains several old favorites but I also bought two newbies that I fell in love with. Finally, there are the little sample jars that I spent time playing with. Thank you Amy for bringing us PBBB.
From: Chicago
TrueD 2013-05-14
After spending major money at Bloomingdale's and Barney's to satisfy my fragrance lust, I came upon Pink Bow Bath Boutique and decided to give it a try. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION is what I've experienced as a result of my quest as Pink Bow makes the BEST versions of my top dollar fragrances! Nectarine Blossom and Honey was running me 100. a month and that was just for the eau de toilette. Pink Bow makes a BETTER quality version of it at a price that allows me to smell good AND pay my bills. I love layering the clean fragrances as well and I can give gifts that ALL my friends enjoy. They too love Pink Bow Bath Boutique! I am so grateful to you and your business for your EXCELLENT product. And the product snob that I am would not give these kudos to just anyone. :
From: Los Angeles
Gina 2013-03-04
I hope you stay in business for many, many years to come because I will be another loyal lifetime customer. Your products are so extremely amazing! I love sweet scents and have endulged in many but yours are by far the best ever! I want to try every scent on the list. I get compliments everywhere I go and the sweet scents help elevate my mood thru the day. Thank you so much for making wonderful products!
From: California
Cam 2012-07-05
Received my order of moisturizing body sprays today. TWO DAYS AFTER ORDERING! They smell terrific of course, and they really are moisturizing. I figured that was just a name, but the consistency was such that they're more like moisturizing oil sprays you spray on and rub in. Perfect for after a bath or shower. Once again, I am a happy customer.
From: New York
Jay 2012-04-30
I have to say thank you thank you thank you! I just received my first shipment of body frostings I ordered 7 different fragrances and I love every single 1. Its the testimonials on this page that brought me to this website and lead me too finally purchase some products. I'm soooooo happy I did. I love the custom scent option. I honestly do not know how I have been without the product for all these years. Mark my words I will have every body butter frosting that you offer in every fragrance before the year is out : I've already ordered my next shipment of 17 body frostings. Plz keep offering these yummy scents! You have a lifetime customer here!
From: California
Noreen 2012-03-08
Receiving a package from PBBB is always an adventure of discovery I purchase fragrances based on the descriptions but, in this case, smelling is believing! The order that arrived yesterday included an all-time favorite, Orange Blossom eau de parfum, but the other four scents were in Amy's spring line-up. Here are my one-second reviews. Asian Plum. Sweet and succulent with a tiny tart bite. Apricot Freesia. One that even non-floral folks may love. While I do not get a strong freesia note because apricot leads, I think the floral addition rounds off the springtime apricot. Baby Bibb. I wasn't sure about this one but it might become an all-star! It's fresh, green, herbal with a hit of citrus. It screams the new season. Cucumber Watermelon. Wasn't sure about this one either but subtle cucumber pairs well with dishy watermelon. One thing about Amy's generous samples. Don't know how she does it but she always sends me something I end up buying! This time it is Green Apple White Sundress. Amy, I'm staring at the bottom of the little jar you sent me. You know what that means: another order coming your way. I know samples are an expense for you but I really appreciate them--and it keeps me coming back! Thanks.
From: Chicago
Kendra A. 2012-01-07
Amy's products are AMAZING, and so is she!!! I always get compliments when I use her products, and I especially love how the all the scents last! Summer of Pink and Coconut Vanilla Cupcakes are probably my two favorites, though there are so many that I love. The packaging is super cute...i'm accumulating quite the collection here! : Thank you Amy for being so awesome, I'll be a forever customer!!
From: California
LeeAnne Morrow 2011-11-03
I have tried many of Amy's products and they are all great.Customer service is the best. I am enjoying the great throw of a Soy Wax Tart right now.
From: Thunder Bay, Ontario CANADA
JeriLynn Gaudiosi 2011-11-03
I know I have said this before, but Amy's products are Amazing!! I ordered my creams and mist and parfum, as usual, and they just blow me away every time!! I also ordered her tarts and room freshners..If you have not bought these yet, i suggest you do!!! They last and make your entire home smell so yummy!! Amy you are the Best!!!
From: New Jersey
T 2011-10-04
Amy's products are the BEST. love love love these scents. I have ordered the whipped body frostings twice. and plan to order more for gifts. there are soooo many wonderful scents to choose from. I just want them all. Amazing customer service. Amazing products. Thank you amy!
From: New Jersey
Heather B 2011-09-29
As a girl with terrible allergies and sensitive skin, I have been using your products now for quite a while and have no adverse reactions to any of the baked goodies scents and my skin and hair feel so wonderful! I just adore the cupcake scent the very best! A forever customer!
From: Scottsdale, AZ
JeriLynn Gaudiosi 2011-08-07
All I can say is that every single one of their products are AMAZING!! My whole house smells so yummy when I step out of the shower. And all day long I use all thier products!! You are missing out if you have not tried these products. They stand behind every word they say!! Simply the BEST!!!
From: New Jersey
Jenni 2011-07-27
Just had to post a rave about Amy's Marshmallow Cupcake scent. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is my new favorite. I want it in everything! it is the only scent I have ever had people repeatedly ask me about. HIGHLY recommend. TY Amy!
From: NJ
Jenni 2011-06-21
I believe in loyalty to a business when it's products and service are top notch, and Amy has this in spades. I will be a customer as long as she continues to create wonderful products to share. She is a very kind person with TOP NOTCH customer service which is so rare these days. She always puts her customers first, and that care is shown in the careful way she packages her products with an exterior that is just as lovely as the products inside. I LOVE her body butters! The scent lasts forever and it is so moisturizing on my dry skin. My favorite scents Banana Buttercream Parfait, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie, and Pink Sugared Buttercream Puffs. They are all a gourmand lover's DREAM! Amy, you do A+ work, and that is a grade coming from a teacher! TY!
From: NJ
Lindsay 2011-06-21
I've made multiple purchases from PBBB and I have been nothing but happy and pleased with every item. Amy is super sweet and willing to communicate and work with you on special orders. I love these products and can't get enough!
From: Santa Barbara County, CA
Jaime 2011-04-12
Best stuff ever! I have the Silky Skin Souffle and the Whipped Body Frosting and I love them both! They make your skin so soft and they smell wonderful, I would recommend them!
From: Big Timber, MT
Jaime 2011-04-12
Love it! I have ordered a Whipped Body Frosting and a Silky Skin Souffle so far and I love them both. I have never used a skin care product that made my skin feel so soft. I put lotion on my feet every night because they get really hot and feel dry and usually I would have to put more on in the middle of the night yes I am a little weird but my feet really bug me! but I don't have to do that when I put the Whipped Body Frosting on them before I go to bed. I wake up and they are still so soft. And not to mention that they smell wonderful! I smother the Silky Skin Souffle on me after I get out of the shower and my skin looks and feels wonderful and I smell like yummy. It's just great stuff!
From: Big Timber, MT
Christa Coffen 2011-04-12
I have ordered from PinkBow like 4 times now? And I haven't been disappointed either time. I have tried ordering from different sellers in the past, just to change these up, but I come out p'oed because I knew I made a mistake and should have went with PinkBow LOL I always come back. Thanks for the awesome smelly stuff
From: Canada
Meredith 2011-04-12
WOW! All of my friends LOVED there PBBB Goodies they got for Christmas. && I love the "Maybe Baby" Body butter I got for myself: I have bad dry skin and this body butter is the BEST!!
From: Houston,TX
Noreen 2010-12-22
Amy has done it again! I just received 2 new EDPs: Romance and Rose Petal Lemonade. I love both, and wanted to extend best wishes and thanks to Amy's client who came up with the Rose Petal Lemonade scent blend it's lovely and could become a favorite. With my order came a sample of Amy's new body cream in her new Jo Malone scent dupe. Little did I realize until I received it that it would be my favorite: lime basil mandarin! Don't be put off by the basil! It doesn't make this lovely, lovely scent smell like a salad it just makes it more interesting. I can't afford the Jo Malone original and want to thank Amy for adding this goodie to her catalog of lovely scents. The new body cream just might take the place of my beautiful body butter. Uh oh...I feel another order coming on! Thanks, Amy.
From: Chicago
Alexandia 2010-11-13
When compared to body butters, I usually think of body lotions as being far too light, and kind of useless. Amy’s are not. They are light and they absorb quickly, but feel gloriously rich and creamy, and leave my skin feeling silky. They would be absolutely fabulous unscented, but I cannot explain how wonderful it is to have them in scents like Cake Batter Ice Cream, Coconut Cream Easter Egg, Pink Sugar Marshmallow, and Pink Sugar Noel – I am definitely addicted!
Jennifer Y. 2010-11-01
Pink Bow BB is a treasure. These items are high quality and Amy is excellent at recommendations. Items are always packaged beautifully and smell amazing! I am so addicted and keep coming back for more.
From: Centreville, Virginia
Jen 2010-10-10
Love everything from Amy! She has the highest quality and best smelling products around. Thanks also for the extras. I'll be back for more!
From: Illinois
Noreen 2010-09-15
Just received my uber order from PBBB thanks to Amy's generous Labor Day sale. As usual, everything is wonderful, and I continue to be grateful to a vendor that provides premium body care and fragrance products at an affordable price. I think, however, mention should be made of Amy's generous and thoughtful sample policy. I'm proud to say I've been a customer since she started selling on Etsy and quickly followed up with her own Web site. She has never failed to include several samples that have allowed me to try new products and fragrances. She's been responsible for introducing me to items I would never have thought of trying and have learned to love. This time it was her milk and honey cream in Vanille Apricot. Anybody who might even like fruity or vanilla items a bit should give this one a try--it's absolutely yummy. And, yes, my next purchase will be the EDP--2 ounces, please--in Vanille Apricot and some bubble bath in the same scent. Please keep the good stuff coming, Amy. You have a faithful clientele!
From: Chicago
Meredith & LeAnne 2010-09-15
I'm sooo addictied to PBBB. Everything i get is so amazing.Amy is also so sweet and wonderful. My items were stolen from my mailbox and she thoughtfully made me some more of the "body shots".
From: Houston,TX
Eva 2010-07-21
Hello everybody, today I received another AWESOME parcel from Amy. I'm addicted to every parfum from PBBB, especially the bakery ones, I feel like a big sweet dessert when wearing them : But this time I wanna talk you about her wonderful facial care range. I purchased almost everything and everything I tried was so good. For your knowledge, i've combination skin, really sensitive and I suffer of atopic dermatitis. The facial soap bars are great, but a little too much effective for my skin :P I absolutely adore the facial cleansing grains, especially the banana coconut. It makes my skin feeling soft, smooth, clean~ So much perfection for a single product! But Amy really do this kind of miracle. The pink grapefruit and tea tree toner is another win for me I never use toner because all of them are too harsh for my skin >.< Trust me, I try and try again until I found Amy's toner :D Great smell, great product. The moisturizing mango cream is so good too, but a little too rich for Spain hot and humid summer. I'm planning on use it everyday when winter will attack my face : I hope everyone can understand my english and enjoy this little review ^-^ Amy is not only a great artist, she's a great person too~! Kisses from Spain,
From: Sevilla, Spain
Breigh & Erica M. 2010-07-15
Amy, Thank you so much for shipping our first order so quickly Beautiful Body Butter! We ordered the butter in the scent “White Wedding Cupcakes” and couldn’t be happier! Everything - from the high quality and lasting power of the product, amazing customer service including handwritten notes of thanks from Amy herself, and the cute ribbon-laden presentation of the product itself – was out-of-this-world! = Also, Amy included /generous/ samples, including Beautiful Body Butter in Buttercream Crunch Cake and Shimmering Whipped Body Frosting in Vanilla Bean Noel, all wrapped up in quixotic pink ribbon. The Beautiful Body Butter lives up to its name – it’s thick, creamy, absorbs well, and the scent isn’t cloyingly overpowering nor is it disappointingly faint or “off.” For example, White Wedding Cupcakes smells almost like cake batter, sweet and even wearable, not like many we’ve tried in the past that were much more expensive! Most “cake” fragrances tended to be too fake, plastic-y vanilla, or strangely began to smell like Play-Dough ? after a couple months of exposure. The scent and formula are far superior! Thank you again!
From: Wisconsin
Rachel Trouts 2010-06-28
I ordered the self tanning lotion with the **KAI** frag. and it was soooo DELUXE! the color came out beautiful. NOT orange. The quality of the product was top notch. Im almost out of my tanning lotion and I cant wait to buy more and try the perfume. Thanks for keeping to a higher standard, it really shows!
From: Agoura Hills, CA
Carmen C 2010-05-14
All I can say is - WOW!! I've tried sooo many etailers and by far, Amy is THE BEST! Not only in presentation my goodness, almost too pretty to use!!!! but in quality of scent. I usually have one or two scents that order that "look good on paper" but don't smell so good on skin - not here! Every single one of Amy's scents smells fabulous. No funny, funky, base smells, medicinal or otherwise "plasticky" issues. Everything is yummy and perfect! I've placed two orders in the past two weeks, and yep - I'm plotting another one! I'll keep coming back and back. Stockpiling up for summer - and already I can't wait for new fall inspired scents to come out! Amy, you rock sweetie!
From: Chicago
Noreen Kaminski 2009-09-17
I just received my order of 2-2 ounce eau de parfums: one in Pomegranate and one in Pink Jasmine. These are favorites that I reordered during the Labor Day the September one, not Amy's! sale. I've been smelling them and realize how much I've enjoyed the PBBB products I've purchased over the last year. Now that Amy is closing down the site to welcome a new member to her family I know how much I will miss her creativity and customer service. I know, Amy, family must come first but, please, COME BACK TO US, your loyal customers!
From: United States
Clara 2009-09-04
Hi Amy ! I just want to thank you for your wonderful products, I especially love the milk and honey cream fragrance "passion fruit and guava" and the whipped body frosting fragrance "peach sugar". For girls who are hesitating, be sure that Amy makes good products and she quickly answers to any questions you may have ! Thank you Amy !
Carey Fusco 2009-09-04
I just recieved my order and I AM NOW HOOKED! I want to order everything in every scent! The moisturizers make my skin feel AMAZING and I smell delicious! And I LOVE the free samples! Thank you, Amy for such fantastic products! You have a new loyal customer!
From: Las Vegas, NV
Brenda 2009-07-15
I received my order last week and I must say the shipping was very quick and the Baby Grace/Baby Charm is to die for and it really has great staying power. I received a sample of the Inner Grace and I'm really liking it as well. I will be ordering the 2oz. Parfum in the Baby Grace for sure and a few other products in that scent. Amy, I love your take on Baby Grace.
From: US
Noreen Kaminski 2009-06-06
If you are a fan of Pink Bow Bath Boutique and have not tried the Eau de Parfums, my advice is to run, not walk, to your computer and place an order for these beauties! I recently received my second order and am so very pleased. I'm convinced I can smell fragrance notes I was missing in the moisturizing body sprays. My current plan is to use the body sprays in the colder weather and the EDPs when it is warmer. A plus is you only need the smallest spritz of the EDPs for scent that lasts all day. Enjoy! P.S. Go for the 2-ounce bottles. They are more economical. One other thing. Amy sent me a sample of the new body parfait moisturizer. It's great and will be part of my next order!
From: United States
Corrina Phillips 2009-03-27
Amy is fantastic! Great communication, very fast shipping, and everything arrived very securely packaged. I'm a body butter fanatic, but I was running out of new scents to try at local boutiques I get bored of smells very easily, but I have very dry skin so I need to keep hydrated so I decided to give PBBB a try. I know I'll be purchasing again from PBBB in the near future when my current cream/butter supply runs out--there are just so many fragrances! And the samples included were wonderful! Thanks!
From: Albany, NY
Denise 2009-02-19
OMG! I just got my first order and I can't decide what I want to use first.I ordered 12 body mists. Amy is so nice and generous with all the samples included.I can't wait to order again from her.Everything was perfect from the confirmation email , to the packaging and the products themselfs.I will definately be back again and again.Oh I ordered some designer dupes and I think they smell better then the originals I have sitting here.
From: Washington State
Susan 2009-02-01
Pink bow bath is awesome! I have tried alomst everything, and tons on her scents and I have to say the whipped cream soap is the BEST!! Ladies, if you buy anything, make sure you try some of the whipped cream soap it's amazing!! I suggest pumpkin frappucino!! Thanks Amy for your products! We all need a small pick me up these days. Thanks again
From: Ohio
Eva 2009-02-01
Hi there! I've just received my first PinkBowBath order and I have no words to express how wonderful is all: the products, the shipment, the communication, the lovely little bows..... Simply perfect~!!! Amy reply my mails so fast, always with kind and honest words. The shipment was extremely fast and the items were wrapped carefully. And about the products...what can I say! They smell like a piece of heaven and the samples....they're so huge to be samples!!! I think I'm going to order new items right now, I can't wait~!!!!! Thank you very much, Amy~. Kisses from Spain
From: Spain
Kirsten 2009-01-27
I just received my first order a few weeks ago and have already placed a second order. Amy's products smell amazing, and leave your skin feeling wonderful. I've already placed a second order and will be placing a third one very soon! Three Cheers for Pink Bow Bath Boutique!
From: Kansas City
Yvonne 2009-01-13
I just received my second order today and everything is great! The packaging is so nice and the new scents I ordered are perfect Ginger Apricot and Nectarine Blossom and Honey. I really appreciate that these products are mostly natural ingredients. Keep up the good work!
From: North Carolina
Samantha 2009-01-04
Everything is so good from my order. Nicely packed and the scents are divine! I cant get enough of it! Keep up the good work, Amy! Gonna place my next order soon!
From: Holland
Noreen Kaminski 2008-12-29
Okay, this is my second comment, but I've just received my fourth or is it fifth, Amy? order. I love these product, plain and simple. I also love the pride Amy takes in what she is doing. I always look forward to the samples she includes. I know they mean time and expense for her, but they give me a chance to experience different products and scents. There are many temptations for those who love toiletries on the Web, catalogs and stores, but I keep coming back to the Pink Box Bath Boutique. My only question is, what will she do next??
From: Chicago
Rebecca 2008-12-19
Wonderful products! I ordered on Saturday and they were home on Wednesday, in the Christmas season! wow! everything is packaged so beautifully, I'm truly pleased and will definitely be ordering again- you're awesome!
From: Baltimore, Maryland
Tammy 2008-12-09
I am spoiled now! Thank you for the GENEROUS samples! Everything smells so delicious. The shimmering body creme is moisturizing. My skin and lips feels like butter!
From: Minneapolis, MN
Elizabeth Tomlinson 2008-11-17
I absolutley love the hair conditioner spray. It smells and works great. Thanks for the samples and free body butter gift as well. I love them!
From: Sioux Falls South Dakota
Ceci McKinnie 2008-11-16
Amy, Love, love, love the sugar scrub and lotion! The fragance is fabulous and longlasting enough to rival the original...and the prices are perfect!! Your packing and samples make your shop one of the best I've tried and is now #1 on my favorites list. Thanks so much for keeping this desert dry skin so lovely and sweet smelling. Can't wait to try more new fragrances!!!
From: Maricopa, AZ
Lynn Danchuk 2008-10-29
I love these products so much I have placed another order! The scents are wonderful and I adore to samples - so cute. I have tried the scrubs, lotions, creams, body spray - I think next will be the perfume and lip balm...I can't wait! Keep up the good work~ lynn
From: CA
Cassie Whitman 2008-10-19
Your products are amazing! I am constantly getting compliments from strangers wanting to know what smells so good and where they can purchase the lotions. I can't wait to try your hair care products. What FABULOUS products!! Thanks for making me smell so delicious.
From: Arizona
Pat Bergstedt 2008-10-15
I can tell you that without a doubt, I will never be using any thing else!! I have tried 6 or 7 different things and each time I get a new "favorite!" Any's attention to detail and quality comes through in her packageing, she always gives a little extra........just as in her products, her passion for quality really shows! visit my web-site for gourmet candles made from all national renewable vegetable waxes that are non - toxic.
From: Phoenix
Noreen Kaminski 2008-10-14
Love, love, love this line of bath and body products. I purchased the whipped cream soap even love the name, milk and honey body cream and two body sprays. I chose the L'Occitane type Verbena, Jo Malone type Nectarine Blossom and Hone and Henri Bendel Pomegranate fragrances for my products. These fragrances were spot on--in fact, I like them better than the originals! The PBBB product packaging is feminine and the hydrating qualities excel my expectations. Amy sent or should I say "scent"? samples that gave me a chance to try the sugary body polish--a new product I'm adding to my list. Bottom line, I'll be back for more. In a difficult and challenging world, Pink Bow Bath Boutique products make me smile--and maybe that's the most important thing. Noreen
From: Chicago
Amy 2008-10-13
I absolutely love my Pink Bow lotions. I've purchased both the body whip and the body frosting and both are terrific! I constantly get compliments on the scent. Thanks for a great product!
From: Arizona