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Why does this scent smell differently on me vs. my friend (or Mom, Aunt, Uncle, Cat…)? 


Scents will smell differently on everyone because everyone has unique body chemistry.  There are many things that can affect your body chemistry, and consequently how things smell on you, or how you preserve a scent, including your body hormones, PH level, diet, health, and several other environmental factors.  Scents also “cure” or “dry-down” as you wear them, the scent develops and changes enhancing specific notes in the fragrance combination.  This will insure that you always have a subtly unique fragrance aroma!


Why is my product changing colors?


Products that contain vanilla notes may off color to a brown, tan, or even pink or purple.  This is a harmless occurrence that could happen with vanilla notes over time.  This does not compromise the quality or performance of your product in any way.  Your product may contact vanilla notes in it even if it does not have vanilla in the name or product description. 


What is the difference in your moisturizers? 


The difference is in the feel and texture of the products.  Our Moisturizing Body Whip is the most lightweight of our moisturizing products with a light, airy feeling that glides right into your skin.  Our Whipped Body Frosting has a soft, fluffy texture that will make your body feel like silk.  Our Milk and Honey Cream is nice and thick, with a very luxurious, decadent feel.  Our Beautiful Body Butter is decadently rich moisturizing treat, and the thickest of our moisturizers. 


Some people like to use thicker moisturizers for their drier body areas, like hand and feet, while using a more light weight moisturizer for all over their body.  Others like to slather on a rich heavy cream all over for a decadent treat in the colder months!


Do you test your products on animals?


 No way!  As much as I would like to spray my kitty with perfume, there is no way that she would stand for that!  All of my products are thoroughly tested on my family and friends before they are sold to the public. 


What do you mean by a designer fragrance “type”?


A designer fragrance “type” is an exact replica that was probably designed in a laboratory, where the chemists studied the fragrance notes of a popular designer brand and replicated them as closely as they could to design a fragrance oil that is very close to the original.  Our designer type fragrances are in no way related to the original trademarked fragrance names or companies.  They are, however, a fabulous way to get an amazing smelling fragrance, at a fraction of the price!  We have been told that some of our designer types are even better than the real thing!



Do you offer discounts for wholesale or large bulk orders?

I am currently open and available to take on wholesale accounts.  Please contact me and I can share with you my wholesale pricing and guidelines.