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Roll-On Perfume
Roll-On Perfume

Our Roll-On Perfumes are a fabulous way to enjoy your favorite Pink Bow Bath Boutique fragrances! Conveniently packaged in a glass bottle with a roll on applicator, our perfumes throw a powerful fragrant scent because they contain over 50% fragrance oils. We use fractioned coconut oil as our base oil because it’s light and easily absorbed, and dries almost instantly to a soft, powder-like finish.

Tip: Mix and match your perfume roll-ons with other Pink Bow Bath Boutique scented creams and soaps, to create your own amazing customized layered scent blends!

Size: 7 ml, which is approximately 1/4 ounce. This is the perfect size to fit in your desk, purse, or pocket.

Packaging: All items will be dressed in my signature black, white, and pink packaging, complete with a pretty pink satin bow. They are perfect for you to proudly display on a vanity or to be given as a gift.

Ingredients: Fragrance Oils and Fractioned Coconut Oil


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