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Room Refresher Spray
Room Refresher Spray
Why should your body have all of the fun?!? I want to help you make your whole home smell and feel fabulous as well with our Room Refresher Spray! This amazing spray has so many uses. Spray it twice into the air to instantly refresh and revitalize any environment. Mist your bed linens for a sweetly scented slumber. Keep a bottle on your desk to revive and renew the spirit of your work environment. Each bottle will come with a few silk flowers floating inside to make the product, and you, feel extra special!

Please be cautioned, this product is not for use on your skin (if you’d like a product suitable for body use, please try our Moisturizing Body Spray). Since this product contains oils, hold back at least 8-10 inches before spraying on fabrics to avoid any potential staining. If in doubt, please test a small inconspicuous area first.

Size: One 2 ounce bottle of Room Refresher Spray

Warning: Please use caution to avoid spraying this product in your eyes.

Packaging: All items will be dressed in my signature black, white, and pink packaging, complete with a pretty pink satin bow. They are perfect for you to proudly display on a vanity or to be given as a gift.

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