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Vanilla and Fresh Fragrances
Vanilla and Fresh Fragrances

Cake Batter Ice Cream – This one’s so good, you’ll want to grab a spoon and take a bite!  Rich cream, vanilla, and sugar, churned together to make a super-rich frozen treat that only gets better with the addition of yellow cake batter and creamy sweet buttercream frosting.  Sinfully rich sugary bliss!! 

Hopelessly in Love – This is a very romantic fragrance of sweet creamy vanilla top notes, followed by a graceful floral heart, which leads to a blackberry musk base with a slight touch of amber.  This fragrance seems to perfectly capture the scent of blissful, delightful true love!


Pink Cotton Sundresses – Sweet, innocent, girly and fresh…that’s what pink sundresses are!  This unique scent combines crisp clean cotton notes with sugary sweet, cotton candy infused, pink sugar to make this fresh and girly fragrance that will surely be your Summer wardrobe staple!

Vanilla Bean Noel  (Bath and Body Works type)- Buttery sweet vanilla sugar cookies, dusted with powdered sugar, with a hint of warm spices.

Vanilla Marshmallows – Rich, pure vanilla flavor blended with sweet creamy melting marshmallows to make up this sweet soothing fragrance.


Vanilla Pear - A fresh and creamy blend of sweet Bartlett pears and vanilla bean extract, rounded out with the subtle floral sparkle to give the scent a nice dimension.


Vanille Abricot (Compitor Sud Pacifique type) – This is a sensual, fresh and fruity fragrance consisting of lush apricots, tropical papayas, and jackfruits, mingled with aromatic vanilla bean pods.


Vanille Banane (Comptoir Sud Pacifique type) – This fragrance will remind you of a delightful banana colada…absolutely delicious!  It’s a wonderful concoction of island rum, warm vanilla pods, and sliced bananas drenched in sweet cream.


White Cotton Sundress – A fresh and clean scent with notes of marine and fresh air mingle with a hint of blooming peonies, to give this fragrance a girly twist!

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