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Tropical Fragrances
Tropical Fragrances


Almond Coconut (Laura Mercier type) - This blend captures the essence of the stylish and unique fragrance notes of almonds and coconuts.  A blend of almond crushed almonds, drenched in fresh vanilla bean infused coconut milk, with subtle floral sparkle.


Beach (Bobbi Brown type) – This fragrance is a majestic mélange of warm sand, salty sea spray, jasmine, neroli petals, and mandarin. It is an authentic sweet smell if Summer and more florally then our Beach Time fragrance.

Beach Time - The perfect blend of sand, sea, and warmed golden suntan lotion with hints of tropical fruit. This fragrance is sure to evoke cherished memories of Summer's past!

Caribbean Coconut - Fresh grated coconuts, sweetened with vanilla sugar and hints of fresh white peaches.


Creamy Coconut - Top notes open with a touch of orange flower and fresh hay, followed by a robust heart of creamy coconut, sweet milk, tropical rains, with a creamy dry down of vanilla, woods, and sugar. This is a true coconut lovers paradise!


Frozen Strawberry Granita - Fresh, juicy red strawberries pureed and blended by hand with sparkling lemon-lime soda with a generous splash of lime juice. Have a seat, pour yourself an icy cold glass and say Ahhh!

Hawaiian Wedding Cake – Fluffy layers of moist vanilla cake and rich buttercream frosting sandwiched between layers of sweet, juicy crushed pineapple filling, and decorated with freshly graded white coconut flakes.



Island Beach Babe:  Juicy passion fruits combine with island fresh pineapple and sweet mango sorbet.  Wear this scent and be the sweetest smelling babe on the beach! 

Island Kiss (Escada type) – This lush, tropical scent is a seductive blend of Magnolia blossoms, fresh juicy peaches, and island Hibiscus flowers, all laced with white musk.  One sniff and you’ll be carried away on a tropical vacation!

Lime Margarita - Cool notes of salty lime with an undertone of orange blossom and vanilla. This is the perfect Summer refresher!

Passionfruit and Guava (Bath and Body Works type) - Top notes of pineapple, mandarin orange, grapefruit, and passionfruit lead to a saucy fruity middle of raspberry, strawberry, papaya and apricot with a floral kiss of osmanthus, all atop a sweet, subtle dry down of musk, woods, vanilla, and coconut milk. Fruity, tropical, and refreshing!

Pineapple - Arouse your senses with a revitalizing splash of tropical heaven! Succulent chunks of pineapple take you straight
to the islands!


Pink Berry Paradise fragrance: Plump, juicy red strawberries, drizzled with creamy vanilla, and generously sprinkled with coconut flakes and sweet pink sugar crystals. One sniff and you'll be transported to your own Pink Berry Paradise!

Pink Jasmine (Fresh type) Fragrance: Prepare to be swept away by this delicate floral blend! This feminine fragrance opens with notes of cream freesia, blond Israeli orange, lemon, and white Japanese lilac. It’s middle heart resonates notes of Summer pink jasmine, magnolia grand flora, double pink peony, and tiare flower, which supports a nice feminine dry down of erotic katsura, beech wood, soft peach skin, and mallow. This scent is sure to conjure up images of luscious silk swaying in a tropical breeze!

Pink Raspberry Lemonade - Fresh picked juicy raspberries blended with sweet lemonade. Refreshing!

Pink Passion Fruit Lemonade – This is an intoxicating blend of Pink Sugar, Passion Fruit and Guava, and Pink Lemonade. Top notes of sugary pink cotton candy, sweet lemon drops, and tropical passion fruit, lead to a saucy middle of raspberry, strawberry, papaya, and blood oranges, which is followed by a subtle dry down of sweet vanilla infused coconut with a slight tingle of musk.

Pink Passion Sand Beaches – Fresh ocean air, hot shimmering sands, and bronzed bodies glistening with suntan lotion mingle with the intoxicating aromas of fresh island-grown passion fruits, juicy pineapples, sweet guavas, and glistening strawberries, all sprinkled generously with sparkling pink sugar.


Pink Passion Watermelon Sand Beaches – Your favorite fragrance just got juicier with the addition of fresh watermelon! Fresh ocean air, hot shimmering sands, and bronzed bodies glistening with suntan lotion mingle with the intoxicating aromas of fresh island-grown passion fruits, mouth-watering watermelon slices, juicy pineapples, sweet guavas, and glistening strawberries, all sprinkled generously with sparkling pink sugar.


Pink Polka Dot Bikini – One sniff and this fragrance will be your ultimate Spring and Summer wardrobe staple!  Plump juicy strawberries, fresh island-grown passion fruits, and sweet guavas mingle with tropical vanilla bean pods, lemon-lime soda bubbles, and sparkling pink sugar crystals!  This fragrance is funny, flirty, and super sweet :)


Strawberry Margarita – Sweet strawberry nectar chilled mixed with the juices of freshly squeezed limes, poured over ice, and garnished with red sugar crystals.

Sugared Pineapple – Sweet, juicy pineapple drenched in a sweet vanilla cream and sprinkled with pure cane sugar.

Summer - Tropical bananas, creamy coconuts, and sparkling white peaches are blended with fresh vanilla sugar. This is the scent of sunshine!

Summer of Pink - Tropical bananas, creamy coconuts, sparkling white peaches, and juicy red strawberries are blended with fresh vanilla pods and fluffy pink cotton candy sugar.  The perfect scent for long days of lounging in the hot pink sun!

Summer Sunset Sorbet:  This sweet and succulent dessert encompasses all of the shades of a stunning summer sunset:  golden yellow pineapples, bright orange mandarin oranges, hot pink mangos, and juicy red watermelon slices.  Soak up the sweet scent of the sunset!


Vanille Banane (Comptoir Sud Pacifique type) – This fragrance will remind you of a delightful banana colada…absolutely delicious!  It’s a wonderful concoction of island rum, warm vanilla pods, and sliced bananas drenched in sweet cream.


Watermelon Lemonade – Red juicy chunks of mouthwatering watermelon are blended with cool tart lemons and pure cane sugar  to make up this ultimate Summer refresher!

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