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Bakery Fragrances
Bakery Fragrances

Almond Coconut (Laura Mercier type) - This blend captures the essence of the stylish and unique fragrance notes of almonds and coconuts. A blend of crushed almonds, drenched in fresh vanilla bean infused coconut milk, with subtle floral sparkle.


Amaretto Tiramisu - A decadently rich and creamy treat from the heart of Italy! This fragrance combines lady finger pastries soaked in Italian amaretto espresso, layered with rich mascarpone, heavy cream, and Maderia, and is finished off with a dusting of sweet cocoa powder. It’s so unbelievably good!!


Apricot Orange Blossom Cupcakes:  Sweet apricot vanilla cupcakes, topped with sugared orange blossoms.  Sweet, fresh, and oh so feminine!!

Banana Buttercream Parfait – Smooth and creamy banana custard smothered with indulgent fresh whipping cream, banana slices, and rich buttercream pudding makes for an irresistibility sweet treat!

Banana Cream Pie - Fresh banana layered with peaks of fresh whipping cream and finished with a rich buttery graham cracker crust.


Banana Nut Bread - A creamy, flavorful blend of ripe, mouthwatering bananas and walnuts with a milky, buttery top-note, a warm spicy middle-note, and ending with sweet sugary vanilla bliss. Grab a slice while it’s hot!


Blood orange buttercream cupcakes:  Fluffy Vanilla Bean Cupcakes frosted high with Blood Orange buttercream frosting; yum!

Blueberry Muffins:  Butter, brown sugar, and sweet wild blueberries, folded into warm fresh from the oven baked muffins! 



Bubblegum Ice Cream:  My favorite flavor as a kid!!  Bright blue fresh churned vanilla bean ice cream, studded with plenty of colorful gumballs.


Buttercream Crunch Cake - Moist vanilla cake layered with rich buttercream frosting and sprinkled with brown sugar and a buttery maple crunch.

Buttercream Frosting – Heavy whipping cream blended with peaks of pure cane sugar and fresh churned butter to produce the smoothest, most sinfully rich buttercream icing.


Cake Batter Ice Cream – This one’s so good, you’ll want to grab a spoon and take a bite! Rich cream, vanilla, and sugar, churned together to make a super-rich frozen treat that only gets better with the addition of yellow cake batter and creamy sweet buttercream frosting. Sinfully rich sugary bliss!!

 Candy Corn Buttercream Cupcakes:  Rich vanilla cupcakes topped high with creamy double whipped candy corn infused vanilla bean frosting.  Its cupcake perfection!


Caramel Banana Cake Pops:   Fresh baked banana cake topped with caramel vanilla buttercream frosting.

Caramel Vanilla Brulee - This classic dessert custard is kicked up a notch with a shot of vanilla liqueur and creamy caramel! Rich and smooth vanilla custard swirled with creamy caramel, with a crispy sugar crust.


Cherry 7up – Crisp sparkling lemon-lime soda mixed with tart bing cherries…so bubbly and refreshing!



Cherry Cotton Candy - Clouds of pink fluffy spun sugar swirled together with dark juicy bing cherries. This fragrance is so sweet and juicy...a true joy!!


Cherry Cotton Candy Marshmallows: Clouds of pink fluffy spun sugar swirled together with dark juicy bing cherry juice, and lusciously creamy marshmallow fluff…this one is irresistible!



Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (Nutella):  Creamy milk chocolate blended perfectly with fragrance hazelnuts and sweet milk.  Sweet, creamy, and utterly irresistible!




Christmas Cookies - Warm, fresh from the oven, buttery sugar cookies sprinkled generously with sparkling sugar in seasonal colors. This fragrance smells good enough to eat!


Cinnamon Churros:  These treats are so hard, they always smell so darned good!!  Sweet hot pastries rolled generously in cinnamon and sugar!  Go ahead and indulge!!



Cinnamon Sugar Cream Puffs :  Bringing back an old favorite!!  Flaky golden puffed pastries stuffed with rich vanilla marshmallow creamy custard, iced with a sweet vanilla ganache, and sprinkled generously with cinnamon and sugar crystals.



Coconut Cream Easter Egg - This fragrance perfectly captures the scent of the creamy gooey center of a Cadbury Cream Easter's pure sugary bliss! Perfect not only for Easter, but year-round as well!



Coconut Vanilla Cupcakes - Fluffy white vanilla bean cupcakes smothered high with double whipped vanilla buttercream frosting and generously sprinkled with coconut curls…Yummy!

Cotton Candy - This delicious treat for the senses brings back childhood memories of a pink cloud of spun sugar!

Cotton Candy Bubblegum - This is a fun, girly combination! Clouds of pink fluffy spun sugar mingle with the aromas of sweet and juicy raspberry bubblegum. Sweet!


Cotton Candy Cupcakes - Fluffy moist strawberry vanilla bean, nmarshmallow fluff stuffed, cupcakes frosted high with clouds of super sweet and sugary pink cotton candy. This fragrance will satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth!


Creamy Caramel – Creamy, chewy, lusciously smooth and sweet caramel…this sensational scent is almost guaranteed to make your mouth water!

Creamy Pumpkin - Creamy notes of pumpkin and spice combine beautifully to produce this quintessentially Fall blend.


Crème Brulee (Laura Mercier type) Fragrance: Caramel custard with a crispy sugar crust…an irresistibly indulgent fragrance inspired by the classic dessert.


Crisped Rice Treats:  Creamy melted marshmallows combine with rich butter and crunchy crisped rice to produce these melt-in-your-mouth tempting treats!

Cupcake -Fluffy white vanilla bean cupcakes smootherd high with double whipped buttercream frosting.

Dark Chocolate Marshmallow – Rich dark chocolate fudge blended with creamy marshmallow fluff; sinfully sweet and delicious.


Eggnog Ice Cream:  Rich delicious eggnog flavored ice cream, a favorite holiday treat!


Eggnog Marshmallow Cream Cake - Decadent French vanilla cake, soaked in rich frothy eggnog, layered with fluffy marshmallow cream, and frosted high with homemade buttercream icing. A sinfully rich slice of heaven!

Eggnog Waffles:  Sweet, rich, spicy, and indulgent, eggnog infused Belgian waffles!

French Toast:  Thick sliced french bread, dredged in a milky wash of nutmeg, then fried to a sweet crispy golden brown, then topped with rich butter and warm maple syrup.  Breakfast is ready!

Fresh Apricot Cupcakes:  Fluffy vanilla bean cupcakes stuffed with fresh apricot preserves, topped with double-whipped buttercream frosting.  Ooh-la-la!


Frosted Pink Cupcake - A deliciously decadent pink cupcake topped with a double whipped sugary pink frosting. Yummy!


Fruity Marshmallows – Bursting with fruit flavor, this fragrance combines sweet strawberries, juicy oranges, tangy lemons and limes, with creamy oh-so-sweet marshmallow fluff for a super sweet, fresh and fruity fragrance!

Fudge Brownie – Rich and decadent chocolate fudge brownies. Yummy!

Funnel Cakes:  Warm sweet pastries, with notes of buttery cream and sweet caramelized sugar, sprinkled oh so generously with powdered sugar topping!!

Hawaiian Wedding Cake – Fluffy layers of moist vanilla cake and rich buttercream frosting sandwiched between layers of sweet, juicy crushed pineapple filling, and decorated with freshly graded white coconut flakes.


 Home Baked Holidays:  The ultimate comfort food scent!  This one reminds me of making little gingerbread houses around the kitchen table during the holidays.  Scents of fresh baked graham crackers mingle with sweet vanilla frosting, caramel ribbons, and plump juicy raisins.  !  It is so warm, cozy, and comforting! 


 Homemade Lemon Bars:  Tart lemons combine with a rich vanilla and rich buttery dense crust and topped off with a generous dusting of real confectioners’ sugar.  Melt in your mouth yum!



Hot Apple Pie – Warm apples, blended with cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla, baked in a flaky, buttery crust, and sprinkled generously with sweet brown sugar crumbles.


Lemon Buttercream Cupcakes - Fluffy lemon cupcakes frosted high with luciously silkly lemon meringue buttercream frosting; yum!

London Lemon Curd – The perfect tart lemon scent that’s sweetened by real vanilla with a touch of sugar. This is named after a spread that is traditionally served with scones at afternoon tea in London. A delicious tart, soft, thick and spreadable cooked cream, it has more lemon juice and zest, and a more buttery taste than lemon filling. This amazing fragrance is further enhanced with slight notes of lemongrass, litsea cubea, orange oil, and vanilla.


 Maple Marshmallows:  Rich maple syrup swirled into fluffy homemade vanilla marshmallows.


Marshmallow Fluff - Sugary sweet, fresh and creamy white marshmallow fluff.

Marshmallow Cupcake - Rich moist vanilla cake frosted with a double whipped white chocolate marshmallow frosting.


Pecan Pastry Twirls:  Sweet,. Gooey pecan pie filling, caramelized maple and sweet brown sugar, all baked into a golden, flakey, buttery browned crust!  An amazing take on the traditional Southern treat.

Peppermint Stick Ice Cream:  A holiday favorite!  Rich and creamy peppermint ice cream studded with pink candy cane pieces making for a sweet, minty, wintertime treat!



Pineapple Buttercream Cupcake - Fluffy white vanilla bean cupcakes, stuffed with sweet pineapple preserves, and smothered high with rich pineapple marshmallow buttercream icing. Yummo!


Pink Berry Paradise - Plump, juicy red strawberries, drizzled with creamy vanilla, and generously sprinkled with coconut flakes and sweet pink sugar crystals. One sniff and you'll be transported to your own Pink Berry Paradise!

Pink Sugar Dusted Strawberry Donuts – Warm, freshly baked, fluffy strawberry flavored donuts stuffed with indulgently rich vanilla infused buttercream filling, are hand-rolled in sweet sparkling pink sugar crystals, to make up this over-the-top sweetly delicious fragrance.

Pink Sugar Marshmallow - Fresh creamy marshmallows blended with sugary sweet Pink Sugar fragrance. It doesn't get any sweeter than this!

Pink Sugared Buttercream Puffs - Freshly baked, buttery warm and flaky puffed pastry shells stuffed with rich velvety smooth juicy red raspberry jam infused Bavarian cream, topped with decadent buttercream frosting and hand rolled in sinfully sweet pink sugar crystals.


Pink Sugared Cherry Cupcakes:  Sweet pink cherry cupcakes, piled high with swirls of vanilla frosting, sprinkled generously with pink sugar crystals. 

Pink Sugared Coconut Cream Puffs – Freshly baked, buttery warm and flaky puffed pastry shells stuffed with rich velvety smooth juicy red strawberry jam infused Bavarian cream, topped with decadent buttercream frosting,hand rolled in freshly grated coconut and heavily sprinkled with sinfully sweet pink sugar crystals.


 Pumpkin Banana Nut Bread - A creamy, flavorful blend of ripe, mouthwatering bananas, sweet pumpkin puree, and walnuts with a milky, buttery top-note, a warm spicy middle-note, and ending with sweet sugary vanilla bliss. Grab a slice while it’s hot!



Pumpkin Cheesecake – This is a must have scent for all you pumpkin lovers out there! Our Pumpkin Cheesecake is a delicious blend of creamy pumpkin, subtle spices, sweet vanilla, and rich cream cheese, all baked into a crumbly graham cracker crust…Yum!


Pumpkin Cheesecake Cake Batter Ice Cream:  Wowza!  Rich cream, vanilla, and sugar, churned together to make a super-rich frozen treat that only gets better with the addition of pumpkin cheesecake bites, yellow cake batter and creamy sweet buttercream frosting. Sinfully rich holiday sugary bliss!!


Pumpkin Crunch Cupcakes:  Fresh baked vanilla cupcakes piled high with a double whipped pumpkin buttercream frosting, sprinkled with crunchy caramel crumbles.  A sinfully delicious way to enjoy the holiday!



Pumpkin Cupcakes:  Sweet little orange pumpkin cupcakes topped high with swirls of rich buttercream frosting!  A scrumptious seasonal treat!

Pumpkin Vanilla Chai:  Sweet Pumpkin, shaved coconut, sticky maple syrup, golden butter, and sweet tea are all steamed together with warn holiday spices and vanilla rum. 



 Pumpkin Pecan Waffles:  Warm indulgent golden Belgian Waffles infused with a sweet seasonal pumpkin puree and topped with crunchy maple sugar glazed pecans.  Sinfully delicious!

Pumpkin Pie:  Rich and creamy pumpkin puree with a HEFTY dollop of whipped cream in a flakey golden crust.   No Fall scent list is complete without Pumpkin Pie!  Ours is nice and sweet and not as spicy as or Creamy Pumpkin scent.


Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte: Sweet cinnamon, sticky maple syrup, brown butter, golden pumpkin, and warm milky espresso all steamed together with warn holiday spices and vanilla. Pour yourself a steaming seasonal cup…or two!

Pumpkin Vanilla Chai:  Sweet Pumpkin, shaved coconut, sticky maple syrup, golden butter, and sweet tea are all steamed together with warn holiday spices and vanilla rum. 



Snickerdoodle Cookies - Fresh baked vanilla cookies, rolled in sweet sugar and sprinkled with cinnamon; yum!

 Strawberry Cream Stuffed Donuts:  Fresh baked strawberry donuts infused with rich vanilla Bavarian cream - simply delicious!

Strawberry Crème Brulee:  Caramel custard with a crispy sugar crust, topped with fresh strawberry slices…yum!


Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes:  Sweet pink strawberry cupcakes, topped with swirls of tangy lemonade buttercream frosting.  Save one for me!!

Strawberry Marshmallows – Light and fluffy homemade marshmallows infused with fresh strawberry preserves to make up these sweet delectable candy-like creations!


Strawberry Sugar Rush - A sinfully delicious blend of sweet strawberry sundae with hints of crème and fluffy marshmallows. So sweet and yummy!


Sweet Cinnamon Baked Apples:  Who can resist the aroma of baked apples wafting through the house?  Golden Delicious cored apples filled with rich melted butter and sweet cinnamon spices; such a tempting treat.



Sweet Vanilla Chai:  Shaved coconut, sticky maple syrup, golden butter, and white tea are all steamed together with warn holiday spices and vanilla rum.  Pour yourself a steaming cup…or two!



Toffee Sugar Crunch - Opening notes of crunchy toffee perfectly mingle with sweet dripping honey top notes and a subtle floral finish create this super sweet scent!


Two Pieces of Pie:  Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie…how do you choose??  Now you don’t have to, with this mouthwatering combination of everything that’s wonderful about the Holiday Dessert Tray!!   A slice of fresh Apple Pie and Sweet Pumpkin Pie, both topped with a drizzle of warm caramel sauce!  Amazingly delicious!



 Vanilla Coconut Caramel Cake:  Fluffy white cake, frosted high with salted caramel buttercream frosting and fresh coconut curls.  Beautiful, rich, and sinfully sweet!


Vanilla Glazed Cranberry Bread:  Fresh baked sweet bread, studded with bright red cranberries and drenched in a warm vanilla glaze!  Cut yourself a big slice…yum!!

Vanilla Hazelnut Buttercream Cupcakes: Rich vanilla cupcakes topped high with double whipped vanilla bean and hazelnut infused frosting…insane!!

Warm Cinnamon Apple Crisp ala Mode:  Warm apples, gooey caramel, oatmeal crumbles, dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg, served alongside a scoop creamy vanilla bean ice cream.


Warm Vanilla Nutmeg:  Those of you that have been requesting a maple syrup scent, this one is for you!  Warm, spicy nutmeg swirled into a creamy vanilla and rich maple syrup caramel bliss!

White Chocolate Peppermint Bark:  creamy white chocolate with sinfully rich dark chocolate, stirs in sweet vanilla, and tops the whole thing off with minty candy cane crumbles. It will take all of the will power you have to not take a bite!


White Wedding Cupcakes – A fluffy white layer cake frosted high with d

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